The Collected Works of Boris Chetkov

Since 1995, the Pushkin Gallery has been representing individual works and Lifetime Collections by important Russian Post-War ‘Outsiders’, notably including Nikolai Timkov (1912-1993), Boris Chetkov (1926-2010) and Vasily Golubev (1925-1985).

Kenneth Pushkin comments, "the paintings in this collection are rare and among the most significant examples of Outsider art from Post-War Soviet Union / Russia - and they are beautiful. In Russia, the highest-level works from this period have all but disappeared, acquired by museums, or hidden in private collections.

This is the moment to acquire paintings by these artists. As pre-war masterpieces continue to increase dramatically in value, with few fresh offerings appearing on the market, the focus is naturally shifting to works by the most compelling Post-War artists, especially those created by these recently discovered stand-out painters who went against the grain and risked everything to follow their vision. Their stories and their brilliant artistic contributions will appreciate in the public eye and grow in value year by year.”

The emergence of the market for Russian Modernist Art is a fascinating narrative, symmetrical as it is to the dramatic collapse of the Iron Curtain. The on-going plot is even more intriguing because of the historical ironies involved and the fast paced tempo in which the story continues to evolve. The cast of characters centers around the passionate artists compelled to express their inner visions and their audience; art lovers, dealers, historians and critics.